Over 650 regular staff and hundreds of part-time student positions sustain the facilities, services, and programs that support the University's residential communities. We hope you'll join the Housing team!

Hall Director

This job posting is expired.

Job Description

Department Summary

Residence Education’s mission is to create and facilitate diverse, inclusive, learning-centered communities that further the goals of the University. Our core values of social justice, restorative justice, inclusive community building, integrative learning, and shared leadership truly guide our everyday work. These philosophies are an important foundation that make a difference – The Michigan Difference.

Job Summary

The Hall Director position is essential to the core mission of University Housing. Hall Directors provide leadership to the residential operations in a way that maintains positive, multicultural, and learning-centered communities. The Hall Director may supervise a full time Community Center Manager and several paraprofessional student staff in day-to-day operations with residents, collaborates with other building staff in the opening and closing of the building, conducts crisis intervention and response which includes communication and promotion of University policies and procedures, amongst other responsibilities.

Responsible for Programming & Training and Community Center operational budgets averaging $10,500.

Positions may be available working with undergraduate, graduate, and student family populations.

Apartment Accommodations
Each furnished apartment, just like each residence hall, has a different style and design. Our unique apartments are furnished, with a private kitchen, bathroom and living room. All apartments have washer and dryer units independent of those used by students. All basic utilities (heat, water, and electricity/gas) are provided as well as internet service.

Painting your apartment, if coordinated with facilities, is an option. For reasons of hygiene, noise, allergies, etc., the keeping of animals or pets of any kind (including visiting pets) is not allowed, except for aquarium fish in 30-gallon tanks or smaller. Animals needed for aid to people with disabilities are permitted with appropriate medical documentation.

Annual Salary

University Benefits

The University offers an extensive medical, dental, and vision insurance plan. Once employed for six months, the university will pay 75% tuition support for those wishing to continue their education, up to master’s levels programs. Employees can enroll in the retirement plan at any time. One year from enrollment, where an employee contributes 5% the Univesity will match that by 10%. For more information on University staff benefits, visit the HR website. Our staff also enjoy other benefits such as a discounted membership rate from the Department of Recreational Sports, discounts at the U-M Computer Showcase, and many other companies that give U-M discounts.