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Michigan Learning Community: Michigan Community Scholars Program Resident Advisor 2023-2024

This job posting is expired.

Job Description


The Michigan Community Scholars Program (MCSP) is a residential learning community for first- and second-year students in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan emphasizing deep learning, meaningful civic engagement, community service learning, and intercultural understanding and dialogue.

MCSP students, faculty, community partners, and staff think critically about issues of community, seek to model a just, diverse, and democratic community, and wish to make a difference throughout their lives as participants and leaders involved in local, national and global communities. MCSP is distinguished by its outstanding cross-disciplinary faculty, its unequaled student leaders, its dedicated community partners, and its exemplary staff. All who participate in the MCSP community seek to lead lives of commitment and make a difference in the world. MCSP has been recognized on campus for its superior retention and graduation rates and its highly diverse student body.

MCSP is looking for seven highly motivated Resident Advisors (RAs) who are interested in working with a diverse living learning community of approximately 130 residents. Openness to diversity and an ability to work well in groups is required. Candidates with MCSP experience are preferred. MCSP RA’s attend specialty staff training in August and are co-supervised by the West Quad Hall Director and MCSP Associate Director.


Resident Advisors who have accepted positions in MCSP work 27 hours per week, 20 of which are designated for the Traditional Resident Advisor role and 7 for MCSP activities, including facilitating one or two sections of ALA 102, attending supervision meetings with the Associate Director, leading community-building events, and participating in program training. Michigan Housing recognizes that Resident Advisors have other academic, personal, and professional time commitments as well. A Resident Advisor’s Hall Director is available to discuss strategies to help balance the Resident Advisor responsibilities with other time commitments as needed.


  • Fulfill the advising, counseling, programming, and administrative responsibilities outlined in the Traditional Resident Advisor position description.
  • Facilitate one or two sections of ALA 102: The Student in the University, the membership course required of all MCSP first-year students in the fall semester. The course meets on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Sections are assigned based on RA availability.
  • Develop and present monthly programs, workshops, social activities, or service projects that support the mission of the Michigan Community Scholars Program.
  • Support the work of MCSP student leaders as part of the MCSP student leadership team and act as a resource to the MCSP community.
  • Assist with the recruitment of next year’s class.
  • Report to the Hall Director and Michigan Community Scholars Program Associate Director and communicate effectively with them about community concerns.


Must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Traditional RA position.

Preferred experience in MCSP, a Michigan Learning Community, or a residential learning community at another college or university, with intergroup dialogue, such as that provided by the Program on Intergroup Relations, and with community service or service learning.


Co-supervised by the Hall Director and MSCP Associate Director.


Because the MCSP RA position exceeds 20 hours, this position includes a stipend. Compensation includes room and board. The meal plan included is to be used as a tool to connect with residents.

Please consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how the position compensation may impact your award package.


Phone: (734) 647-4860 or http://www.lsa.umich.edu/mcsp

Email: mcsprogram@umich.edu

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