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ResStaff Coordinator (RSC) 2024-2025 Position Description


The ResStaff Coordinator (RSC) serves as a leader to the Residence Education ResStaff in communities serving undergraduate students. In addition to the duties of their respective positions as a Resident Advisor (RA), the RSC is a role model in all aspects of the ResStaff position. The RSC coordinates both community and administrative processes in conjunction with the Hall Director(s) (HDs) to create a learning-centered community focused on multiculturalism, responsibility, ownership, and participation. Professional support and supervision by the Program Manager for Student Leadership and the Hall Director(s) of the building, provides individualized coaching to develop opportunities for success and growth within the position and beyond.

Time Commitment

Perform the duties of the RA position: an average of 20 hours/week Additional RSC duties as assigned: an average of 8 hours/week 



  • Work to create and maintain an inclusive and welcoming staff environment. 
  • Assist with various Residence Education projects focused on creating an inclusive environment for residents (ex: Campus speakers, campus-wide Monday Night Meeting sessions, Major Programming, etc.).
  • Assist with planning and facilitation of weekly ResStaff meetings.

Responsibility and Ownership 

  • Serve as a role model and mentor to ResStaff members in all aspects of the position. 
  • Facilitate dialogue with ResStaff, HDs, and Community Center Managers (CCMs) around key impacts in the community. 
  • Serve as a co-advisor to assigned Hall Councils alongside an in-hall HD.
    • Includes attendance at Hall Council Meetings and coaching elected members.
  • Coordinate programming/sub-committees within ResStaff. 
  • Assist the community ResStaff in managing staff resource room and supplies.


  • Assist with ResStaff Training and ResStaff Recognition efforts (Fall, Winter, off-cycle and ongoing opportunities).
  • Assist in the opening and closing of the community.
  • Create and maintain the RA duty calendar.
  • Complete a Mid-Year and End-of-the-Year Report that shall be a part of a building transition document.
  • Schedule and attend regular meetings with Leadership Team (HDs and CCMs) to keep each other updated on pertinent building happenings.
  • Must attend bi-weekly ResStaff Coordinator meetings. Meeting times are Thursdays 5pm – 7pm.
  • Other duties as agreed upon with the Program Manager of Student Leadership and In-Building Hall Director.

Eligibility & Special Qualifications

  • A demonstrated ability to lead fellow ResStaff within their current ResStaff position. 
  • One year (2 full terms) of experience as live-in ResStaff (RA or Diversity Peer Educator) at the start of the appointment. 
  • Michigan Learning Community (MLC) Resident Advisors are not able to hold both a MLC RA position and a RSC position.
  • Theme Resident Advisors are advised to check-in with the current supervisor or the Program Manager of Thematic Communities for eligibility. 
  • International students with an F1 or J1 Visa are not eligible for the position. 
  • Candidates must be in good standing relating to current position performance and have approval from the current supervisor to apply. Staff currently on Probation are not eligible to apply. 


ResStaff Coordinators receive a stipend of $1500 in addition to the room and board they receive as compensation for their RA role. 


This position is supervised by the Program Manager of Student Leadership and In-Building Hall Director.