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The Health Sciences Scholars Program (HSSP) is a 150‐student living‐learning program whose students spend their freshman year living together and learning about the range of research and career opportunities in the health sciences at the University of Michigan. Selected second‐year HSSP students are invited to return as Peer Advisors.

HSSP is a substance‐free residential community and expects its members to abide by University Housing’s Substance‐Free standards. As a living‐learning program, HSSP provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the health sciences in a supportive and focused residence hall community.


Fulfill all of the advising, counseling, programming and administrative responsibilities outlined in the resident advisor position, including:

  • Fulfill all HSSP programming responsibilities (e.g., committee leadership, program coordination, etc.)
  • Meet individually and as a group with the HSSP Director of Student and Community Development as scheduled.
  • Support of HSSP Peer Advisors working with first‐year students.
  • Facilitate a programming committee with Peer Advisors and first year students to create programs.
  • Collaborate on and actively promote HSSP community inter‐floor community‐building events.
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of Peer Advisors and Resident Advisors.
  • Keep HSSP staff informed of student needs, interests, and concerns.


  • Learn about health care and the breadth of opportunities in the health sciences at UM through HSSP’s two‐semester core course, ALA 106 & 109.
  • Explore their health science interests through direct observation of professionals in health‐care/science settings.
  • Take advantage of on‐site pre‐health academic advising.
  • Enjoy direct mentorship from HSSP’s Peer Advisors.
  • Pursue academic excellence through Peer‐Led Study Groups.
  • Negotiate the transition from high school to college in a supportive and safe environment.
  • Build leadership skills in academic and social programs organized through HSSP’s various student‐run committees and Events Planning Council.
  • Commit to a substance‐free residential experience as outlined by HSSP and University Housing’s Substance-Free standards.


An average of 25 hours per week. If ResStaff participate in extracurricular activities outside of their ResStaff Appointment (i.e. another job, committees, sports teams, etc) that have the possibility to interfere with their ability and willingness to perform the full range of responsibilities associated with their ResStaff Appointment, they are expected to discuss this with their supervisor in advance. The supervisor, in consultation with Residence Education Central Staff and HR, will determine if a potential conflict of commitment exists and what the options are.



Must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Traditional RA position.


This position is co-supervised by the Hall Director and the HSSP Director of Student and Community Development.


As the HSSP RA position exceeds 20 hours, this position includes a stipend.


Phone: (734) 763‐6091 OR www.lsa.umich.edu/hssp