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Undergraduate: MLC – Max Kade German Resident Advisor 2022-2023


The Max Kade German House residential program is located in North Quad. Max Kade House residents will be German – speaking sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduate students and are comprised of returning, transfer, international, U.S., exchange, and study abroad students. The Max Kade Resident Advisor is expected to be fluent in German and to encourage a deeper understanding of German culture and intercultural exchange.


20-25 hrs. weekly (20 Traditional Resident Advisor hours weekly with some additional hours for Max Kade German House programming commitments). Michigan Housing recognizes that Resident Advisors have other academic, personal, and professional time commitments as well. A Resident Advisor’s Hall Director is available to discuss strategies to help balance the Resident Advisor responsibilities with other time commitments as needed.


  • Fulfill all advising, counseling, programming and administrative responsibilities outlined in the Traditional Resident Advisor position description.
  • Establish/maintain strong linkages with faculty and staff members in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures to foster academic support for Max Kade German House residents.
  • Foster an environment for active learning of German culture and language on a daily basis with the residents by speaking in German on a routine basis and encouraging all types of exchanges and activities to be conducted in German and on Germanic related topics.
  • Organize, conduct and assist in advertising the weekly Kaffeestunden.
  • Organize and host “film nights” and/or a lecture series on a regularly scheduled basis (for example film night, twice per month or academic lectures once per month).
  • Conduct variable active academic, cultural, or social programs in general each semester geared specifically towards the Max Kade German House residence hall activities.
  • Run a German table at the applicable dining hall at least once per week.
  • Engage in educational opportunities and possible joint collaborative projects with other MLC’s located in proximity to the Max Kade German House MLC (for example, the Global Scholars Program).
  • Participate in Campus Day and other recruitment events, marketing, and in conjunction with the Faculty Coordinator for the German Department, serve as liaison to other units.
  • Accompany and assist the Faculty Coordinator and house residents on the annual study tour trip to a German speaking country (specific location determined on a yearly basis) and act as a leader and role model.

This position reports to the North Quad Hall Director and the Faculty Coordinator for the Max Kade German House. An annual Max Kade German House Program evaluation process is required.


Must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Traditional RA position.


Co-supervised by the Hall Director and a Max Kade professional staff member.


As the Max Kade RA position exceeds 20 hours, this position includes a stipend. The Max Kade RA position also includes partial airfare and lodging for the annual study tour. Compensation includes room and board. The meal plan included is to be used as a tool to connect with residents.

Please consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how the position compensation may impact your award package.


Phone: (734) 936 – 0150 or https://lsa.umich.edu/german/undergraduate-students/max-kade-german-residence.html